Homes For Heroes

Homes for Heroes Portland, Oregon

My real estate brokerage recently joined the Homes for Heroes program. I was excited to get on board as soon as I heard about it. Supporting folks in my community who help others is extremely important to me. My wife and I have supported a number of organizations and individuals over the years through our photography studio, Campbell Salgado Studio.

If you work in a field that helps your community like police officers, firefighters, educators, healthcare workers and the military (active and retired) you can receive a reward check upon the closing of your home. The amount works out to 25% of my brokers commission. On an average $300,000 home that would be approximately $1,875.00. Work with other industry providers who are also involved in the Homes for Heroes program and you may receive additional rewards. Just ask me and I can point you to fantastic lenders who are also participating.

I promise no extra forms, red tape or fine print. Just a simple sign up on the Homes for Heroes website. Contact me and I'll be happy to help you set it up and start your home buying or selling process. Let me say 'Thanks' to you or your friends.