A Cautionary Tale

On March 18, a split second changed the way I'll forever use my right hand and think about power tool safety. When changing a bit on a power tool, it turned on and caught my gloved hand in the drill and managed to twist my finger and the power cord wrapped around my arm like a tentacle until I could disable it. It was an unnerving moment taking my hand out of the glove. A trip to Milwaukie Providence necessitated to OHSU to see a hand specialist, who spent the next week and a half valiantly trying to save my middle finger with microsurgery and leeches. I'm so grateful to the wonderful staff there, my family and my friends who kept my spirits up (Thanks Lee for spending a good chunk of your spring break catching leeches that fell off my finger).

Now two months later I am finally out of a cast and into a brace and living life very gingerly with my right arm and hand. Being able to drive again is a godsend and you really don't know how important your independence is until you lose it. Through it all I was able to work with my fabulous team at Portland Digs and close several transactions one-handed.