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I'm your friend and trusted advocate for all your real estate transactions.

 Francisco Salgado, Realtor® in Portland, Oregon

Francisco Salgado, Realtor®

cell: 503-736-3040

office: 503-239-7400      fax: 503-239-7401

Portland Digs Real Estate
2737 SE 21st Avenue (at Clinton)
Portland, Oregon 97202


Top real estate agent Francisco Salgado calls the Clinton neighborhood Portland DIGS brokerage his home for his real estate practice. This boutique brokerage has brought together a trusted group of of like-minded, ethical, thoughtful and multi-faceted people who all believe Portland is one of the greatest cities to live in. Together they are determined to help you find a home here and not only support Francisco during transactions but are happy to lend a hand to you as well. Whether you need a relocation specialist, a buying or selling agent, Francisco is ready to assist you each step of the way.


An Artistic Start

With ever an artistic eye towards possibilities, Francisco can help you see what's realistic and unrealistic when purchasing a home and deciding what projects to tackle. His valuable lifetime expertise in this area will guide you to make the right decisions whether you are selling your home, buying a new home or investing in a property to rent.

Always the ambitious individual, Francisco built his first house at the tender age of 19 in Mexico City, Mexico. A few years later, he decided to pursue his passion of making visual art and traveling and ventured north to Eugene, Oregon in 1985. His plans to travel to Europe were waylaid for a few years while he pursued his two loves -- photography and sculpture. Graduating from the University of Oregon with a BFA in photography and an MFA in sculpture, Francisco was dedicated to pursuing his dreams as a visual artist.

To fund his art studies he worked as a handyman for a local property owner and learned how to patch rooftops and fix leaky faucets. Those skills would soon become useful once again when he became a homeowner himself.

In 1993, Francisco married native Oregonian, Kim Campbell and together they moved north from Eugene to Portland. Renters for several years, they saved up until they were finally able to purchase a sorely neglected but intriguing home. A 100-year-old cosmetic fixer that needed more than just a leaky faucet fixed. This prompted Francisco to learn about electricity, plumbing, siding, landscaping and so much more.

Together Francisco and Kim started and still operate Portland's favorite boutique photo studio. Campbell Salgado Studio is nestled in the Sellwood SE neighborhood of Portland and Kim works as the principal photographer.

Making sculpture, travelling around the world, and enjoying great conversations with the people he meets are a few of Francisco's favorite pastimes.

Helping people find and sell great Portland properties is his passion.