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My number one goal is to make all your real estate transactions simple, honest and transparent. Hablo español, and I always brake for tacos.

-Francisco Salgado

Realtor®, CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert)

Francisco Salgado


Portland Real Estate Agent

CHOOSE A faithful advocate to help you navigate Portland’s booming real estate market

Whether you want to explore Portland homes for sale, sell your home or invest in Portland real estate for rentals, I’d love to help make this process smooth and easy for you. Not only am I a realtor but a sculptor, photographer and a homeowner as well. My remodeling and artistic experience helps my clients see real possibilities when buying. I also offer first-hand knowledge based on experience of how best to prepare homes for sale and negotiate with your interests first.

I'm always only a phone call away for you and I've been told that solving complex problems is one of my super powers.


Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent To Find A House?

I know it’s easy to search on your own these days. But sometimes you might be missing opportunities that you never considered. In Oregon, you have the right to be represented by a Real Estate Agent (also known as Real Estate Broker, Realtor®) that will look out for your interests. That is why both the seller and buyer have their own and brokers. Only the seller pays for one commission that covers the commission on the property's sale. The buyer does not pay the agent.

Why Choose Me to Help?

I love to find solutions for my clients. Whether it is helping you find the perfect house within a set budget or selling your house for the right price. I’ll be by your side throughout the process making sure you are informed and part of the process. You’ll be able to leave the heavy lifting, negotiating and problem solving to me.


Buying a Home in Portland

Finding the right home in the right neighborhood is your number one priority and mine too! I’ll use my 25+ years of living in Portland to help you buy a home with the best options that fit your budget. Whether you want a walkable neighborhood, best commute, great neighbors, or a two-story craftsman. Your priorities will be mine as I search houses for sale in Portland for the best fit for you.
— Francisco

Selling a home in Portland

I know finding the right agent to help you sell your property is a serious proposition. Knowing you have a professional you trust to get your home prepared for sale and taking you competently through each stage till your home closes is of utmost importance. I always strive to go above and beyond for each of my clients to make sure the process is as easy and transparent as possible.
— Francisco

Investing in Portland Properties

Portland is a desirable market that continues to grow by 100+ people daily. Let me show you some great rental properties to add to your portfolio. I’m watching up and coming neighborhoods and continually seeking out hidden gems for my investors.
— Francisco