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What will you as our Real Estate agent do for us?

The first thing I’ll do is have an extensive talk with all parties selling the home. I want to find out what your needs and hopes are for selling your house. From an initial assessment of your property, I will find comparable sales of like properties, neighborhood demographics, walk-scores, local amenities and property data with which to make a price assessment. I'll consider list-price as it compares to sales-price for your specific location, incorporate annual trends and facts. Then, I’ll pull sales and property history about your home. From this analysis I will be able to provide you with a suggested sales price strategy for your home to achieve the goals we discussed in our consultation.

Even the simplest transactions can be complicated and it's important to have someone looking out for your interests. Having an experienced real estate agent negotiate your contract with the buyer's broker simply makes sense.Your home holds your memories. Selling it is one of the most important transactions you'll make in life. There are a number of factors that make selling a home successful and easy for the home sellers. I'll help you present your home in the best possible light, help you identify tasks that may come up during inspections and take you through each step of the process with respect and care. 

Let me find the right buyers for your property.

Taking terrific photos, writing great descriptions, having a well thought out advertising and marketing plan are a few of the ways to sell your home right. In addition, I want to strike the emotions of your potential buyers so they fall in love, just as you did once before.

I’ll be there for you each step of the way as you go through the process.

I’ve been told handling problems, little and big, is one of my super powers.
— Francisco
Francisco Salgado, Real estate broker in Portland, Oregon


Complete the form below to give me more details about your property so I can help you discover the true value of your home with a complimentary market analysis.  


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Tips for Home Sellers

There are a couple common tools out there to help you assess your home's value. Often times banks and lenders will offer free online home value estimators, and,, and all offer proprietary calculators.

These tools are great for allowing you to get a general idea of your home's value, but be careful not to rely on them too heavily. Here are several things to keep in mind when assessing the accuracy of the estimation you're given:

  • Make sure the facts in the MLS or public record are correct and that key pieces of information aren't missing. If the square footage, number of bedrooms, year built, or any number of other things are listed inaccurately, the valuation will also be inaccurate.

  • Are there comparable homes nearby? If your property is truly unique or otherwise not comparable to other homes in the area, it could be difficult for the calculator to assess worth.

  • Have there been a lot of home sales in your neighborhood? The greater number of sales, the better the calculator can assess value.

  • How many times has the property been sold in the past decade? MLS listings have much more data than tax records do, so the more times a property has been sold, the better the calculator is able to assess value. It can also help determine if the home has typically sold for more or less than asking price.

  • Is the market substantially hotter or colder than it was six months ago? Ask your real estate agent for insight here. This can affect home value, and online valuation tools, which rely on data from past sales, don't take this into account.

Source: U.S. News & World Report | Real Estate

It's a good idea to use multiple tools to generate an estimate home value and then compare the valuations with the help of a real estate agent. If you use Redfin and Zillow, here's a handy breakdown of key differences.

Accurately assessing your home's can be a tedious process. Please know that I am here to help with any questions you have. If you need market insight or help understanding the valuation you've generated, give me a call. Get what your home is worth. I can provide you with the TRUE value of your home with a complimentary CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).