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Urban growth and city density are hot topics in Portland.

As the city's popularity grows decisions need to make about how best to handle the influx of new people moving here. My neighborhood – Sellwood / Moreland – is hot right now and the developers are buying up properties and creating density by building apartments on former single family residence lots. 

I wanted to share with my neighbors what to expect in the coming months in our neighborhood. Data comes from Next Portland's website and the Land Use Committee on Sellwood Moreland. Impacted by this trend in growth? I'll try to keep this page updated so you can visually see where the projects stand in development. Whether you want to live in one of these apartments or advocate for your neighborhood needs, this is information you could use.

Stages of Development

Housing development projects are often tracked through multiple stages from early assistance to completion. I'm going to focus on 4 of the stages here. Learn more about the development review process here.

Early Assistance

The Land Use Services Division of BDS offers several types of early assistance that are available prior to submittal of a land use review or building permit application. 


About Francisco

I am a local Sellwood resident, Realtor®, SWBA and Land Use Committee board member. I started this blog to help my family, neighbors and community get a better sense of the large influx of development happening in Sellwood Moreland. I welcome your feedback. 

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A strong regional economy and high quality of life come at the cost of housing affordability. The demand to live in the area outstrips supply. Portland, like other growing regions, has underbuilt housing in the past decade, worsening the problem. That said, developers are building all over the city, and our neighborhood is a good example of this trend.

Current Zoning

Find definitions of commercial, employment and residential zoning here. 

CS - Commercial Storefront

The Storefront Commercial (CS) zone is intended to preserve and enhance older commercial areas that have a storefront character. The zone intends that new development in these areas will be compatible with this desired character. The zone allows a full range of retail, service and business uses with a local and regional market area.

After an application has met the minimum submittal requirements, plan review for applicable codes can begin. Learn more about Portland's permit process here.

Under Construction

Permits granted and construction has begun.

Construction has ended and the housing development project is complete.

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Contact me with properties you'd like me to track, updates or corrections. I welcome a chance to connect with my community.

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Get involved

On the neighborhood level:

Go to your neighborhood Association meeting.

SMILE - Sellwood Moreland Improvement League meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 7:30 am - 9 am. 

On the City level:

For more information on Portland's 2035 Comprehensive Plan Draft for the city of Portland can go here to the City of Portland's website.


CM - Commercial Mixed Use

The Mixed Commercial/Residential (CM) zone promotes development that combines commercial and housing uses on a single site. This zone allows increased development on busier streets without fostering a strip commercial appearance.

CX - Central Employment

This zone allows mixed-uses and is intended for areas in the center of the City that have predominantly industrial type development. The intent of the zone is to allow industrial, business, and service uses which need a central location.

R1 - Residential 1,000

The R1 zone is a medium density multi-dwelling zone. It allows approximately 43 units per acre. Density may be as high as 65 units per acre if amenity bonus provisions are used. Allowed housing is characterized by one to four story buildings and a higher percentage of building coverage than in the R2 zone.

R2 - Residential

The R2 zone is a low density multi-dwelling zone. It allows approximately 21.8 dwelling units per acre. Density may be as high as 32 units per acre if amenity bonus provisions are used. Allowed housing is characterized by one to three story buildings, but at a slightly larger amount of building coverage than the R3 zone. The major types of new development will be duplexes, townhouses, rowhouses and garden apartments.

R5 - Residential

The R5 zone allows for a maximum density of 1 unit per 5,000 sq. ft.

‘Coming Soon’ or Available Condos in Portland, Oregon’s Sellwood Moreland neighborhood.