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The home style that feels homey

The Bungalow is a quintessential Portland house style. Built post World War I, they are very popular with homebuyers and are a smaller version of the Craftsman.

The main differences between a Craftsman and a Bungalow is that Bungalows may or may not have an upstairs. If they do, the upstairs has usually been built into a sloping roof and may even be a converted attic space that has been turned into a living space, master suite or bonus room. It’s rare to find a Bungalow with a full bath on the upper level.

If you are lucky to find a Bungalow with a garage, it will likely be set back behind the house and detached.


  • Low-pitched roof with broad eaves and exposed rafters

  • Large covered front porch with large columns

  • Two symmetrical windows on either side of the porch

  • Open floor plan maximized for efficiency and flow from room to room

  • Usually 1 - 1 ½ stories tall

  • Built-ins for storage and display

  • Siding varieties: California-style craftsman used stucco, Western-style (Portland) used shingle or lapped siding and Chicago-style often used brick.

Years Built

  • 1920s - present

Did you know there is such a thing as the ‘ultimate bungalow’, which refers to a very large and detailed Craftsman-style house.

Bungalows are prevalent in virtually all the Eastside Portland neighborhoods but you’ll find a high concentration in these ones.

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These latest homes on the market were built between 1910-1950 and are priced at $400,000 or more.

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