Colonial Revival

Commanding + Elegant

This classic style is both understated and distinguished and is inspired by the early ‘Colonial’ homes built by Dutch, French, Spanish and English settlers in the American colonies, hence the name Colonial Revival. This unique mixture of the two styles becomes one-of-a-kind American.

With two waves of the Colonial Revival movement, the first part from 1880-1945 had more architectural detailing and used durable materials. Post war, 1945 on, the style becomes Neo-Colonial and was decidedly plainer and less known for craftsmanship, sometimes being wrapped in aluminum or vinyl siding.

The Colonial Revival style homes come in many different flavors or types, including Dutch, French, Georgian, German and Spanish Colonial styles.

The floor plan usually has living areas on main floor with bedrooms on the second floor. Colonials are easy to add on to at the side or the back due to their rectangular design.

Smaller subsets of this style include the Colonial Cape Cod Revival, which you can also find in Portland.


  • 2-3 stories high

  • Symmetrical facade with a rectangular or square mass

  • May have side porches or sunrooms on either or both sides

  • Medium pitched, side-gable roof with narrow eaves

  • 1 or more dormers

  • Decorative crown (pediment) over front door with columns, pilasters which often creates a covered entry or a small portico

  • Entrance may have a fanlight, transom or side lights

  • Multi-pane (6, 8, 9 or 12 panes with single pane below), double hung windows, sometimes with shutters

  • Small casement windows

  • Central front door with symmetrical windows on both sides

  • Narrow clapboard siding, sometimes brick

  • Massive chimney(s)

  • Front door opens onto staircase area with a formal entryway

Years Built

1880s - mid 1950s

Ever wonder what the home style is that looks like a barn from the side? It’s distinctive profile means you’ve discovered a Dutch Colonial Revival.

Colonial Revival homes are often found in the poshest Eastside neighborhoods. Check out.

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