Living in a Tudor Revival


Easily recognizable these have a Shakespearean vibe to them. Steep roof lines and exposed beams and stucco and brick exteriors. Large bedrooms and living spaces are a hallmark of Tudor or Tudor Revival homes (Revival homes have drawn inspiration from the original architecture, i.e. Tudor architecture) and feel very livable and private once inside. With the central living areas on the main level, most Tudors are 2 stories with bedrooms upstairs and sometimes include basements.

Artistic iron work, strong lines, leaded glass windows and stucco finish give these home a formal and elegant vibe. Tudors feature leaded glass windows, stucco fireplaces, hardwood floors, extensive iron work and built in's. I think of these as storybook homes full of interesting embellishments and decorations that lend such a unique flavor to any neighborhood. A bit formal but super comfortable to live in.

This home is the predecessor to the English Cottage, a smaller more streamlined version of the Tudor-style. The Bungalow style borrowed from the Tudor with some of the exterior finishes and design elements, like half timbering.


  • 1-2 stories, sometimes with an overhanging second floor

  • Asymmetrical

  • Arched doorways or half-round doors with decorative hardware

  • Steep cross-gabled roof lines

  • Siding is often stucco, shingle and lapped

  • Decorative half-timbering

  • Stucco fireplaces with over-scaled chimneys that may have decorative brick or stone work

  • Tall, narrow multi-light windows, often with casements and some with diamond panes

  • Bay windows

  • Iron Work

  • Large bedrooms

  • Hardwood floors

Years Built

  • 1890-1940s

Look for a sunken living room, a super fun feature you may discover in a Tudor style home.

Tudor are prevalent on the Eastside of Portland but you’ll find a high concentration in these neighborhoods.

Overview of Tudor Houses for Sale in Portland

Tudor Houses for Sale in Portland, Oregon

These latest homes on the market were built between 1920 - 1950 and are priced at $400,000 or more.

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