Classic Cape Cod Inspiration

First built by English colonists, Colonial Revival Cape Cods were popular in the 1930s. Original Cape Cod homes were fairly small. This style home is easier than some styles to add onto by adding onto the side or back. The layout typically had the living areas and bathroom on the main level and two small bedrooms on upper.

The Cape Cod may look similar to the Colonial and it’s considered a subtype of the Colonial Revival style that was happening around the same time period. The Cape Cod Revival was relatively affordable compared to the larger Colonial Revival style.

You’ll also find in Portland a number of Cape Cods from the 1950s that are smaller and more affordable, minimal in ornamentation.


  • 1 to 1 1/2 stories tall

  • Shape is rectangular

  • Steep, front facing roof, sometimes with dormers for added ventilation

  • Dormers typically on 1/2 story or loft attic space

  • Side tabled roof with narrow eaves and medium pitch

  • Large central chimney

  • Symmetrical, with door and window placement

  • Sided with wood shingles, stucco, brick or wide clapboard

  • Centered front door, sometimes with portico

  • Multi-paned (six-over-six or six-over-one lights are common), double hung windows with shutters

  • Bay windows

  • Hardwood floors

  • Decorative shutters

Years Built

  • 1930s-1950s

You may discover an unfinished upper floor or one that has been previously remodeled that you can adapt for your needs.

Cape Cods are prevalent on the Eastside of Portland but you’ll find a high concentration in these neighborhoods.

Overview of Cape Cod Houses for Sale in Portland, Oregon

Cape Cod Houses for Sale in Portland, Oregon

These latest homes on the market were built in or after 1920 and are priced at $500,000 or more.

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