What is a Traditional Style Home?

Often borrowing from European influences but designing for American lifestyles this suburban home style is often done for large properties and borrows many traditional Colonial elements. You’ll often find asymmetrical facades, multiple gables and varying roof lines at different heights.

A traditional architect will often look at the style of homes in older communities to emulate. Elements of past design, like shape of doors, windows, home heights and roof elements are carried forward into new Traditional construction, typing the present to the past to keep the community look consistent.

Traditional architecture is a way of building homes that stand the test of time and fit into a neighborhood or community with fore thought.


  • A main component of a traditional architecture style is the way in which the past building styles and present are merged together, creating a seamless transition. With traditional architecture, much thought is paid to the materials used in a building and how they function and work.

Years Built

  • 1980s - present

If you like a number of architectural styles, consider a Traditional home, it’s often a mix of different elements and styles from the past.

Traditional homes are prevalent on the Eastside of Portland but you’ll find a higher concentration in these neighborhoods.

Overview of Traditional Houses for Sale in Portland, Oregon

Traditional Houses for Sale in Portland, Oregon

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